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We're Listening...St. Louis County seeks feedback through its residential survey

Categories: 2011 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 3/3/2011 | Views: 23450

N E W S   R E L E A S E

February 15, 2011 
Linnea Mirsch,
Deputy County Administrator


We’re Listening…St. Louis County seeks feedback
through its residential survey

Over the next few weeks, St. Louis County will send a paper-based survey to randomly selected households to find out what’s important to residents and learn how they feel about St. Louis County government.  Knowing what residents value and understanding their priorities help the county make tough decisions about programs and services into the future.

Commenting on the survey, County Board Chair Steve O’Neil explained, “Information from a survey, like any poll, measures how people are feeling only at that moment in time, but, it is very valuable information for county commissioners and staff as we consider the hard decisions ahead.” O’Neil said, “It really helps us to rely on something other than anecdotal information so we know which services and programs citizens consider to be their top priorities, what citizens have concerns about, and where we need to put greater resources,”

The “2011 St. Louis County Residential Survey” is one element of St. Louis County’s ongoing efforts to listen to, and incorporate citizen feedback into its planning activities. The survey has been developed in cooperation with other Minnesota counties, and will primarily be used internally to better design programs and activities around needs and perceptions. Citizen input gathered through this robust and statistically valid method will complement the county’s continued business planning efforts, budget decision-making and County Board discussions.

The goal is to gather objective information about residents’ perceptions of quality of life, quality of services provided, and their satisfaction with county government in general. The county values the information gathered through the survey and is hoping to receive responses from as many residents as possible. The paper-based survey will be mailed to 2,500 randomly selected households in late February. 

The county has partnered with other Minnesota counties to minimize costs and is working with the National Research Center, a leading strategic planning and research firm, to administer the survey and summarize the results, which will be available later this year.  For more information, please contact Linnea Mirsch, Deputy County Administrator, at (218) 733-2747.

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