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Meetings to Take Public Comment on Proposed 2011 Budget and Property Tax Levy

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November 30, 2010   

Gary Eckenberg, Deputy Administrator
St. Louis County Courthouse
Duluth, MN   218-726-2447


St. Louis County Schedules Meetings to Take Public Comment on its Proposed 2011 Budget and Property Tax Levy
The St. Louis County Board has scheduled public meetings to provide opportunity for citizens to comment on the proposed 2011 operating budget and property tax levy. County Commissioners approved a maximum property tax levy on September 14th, at just 0.6% over 2010. Although state law requires counties, cities, townships, and school districts to hold one hearing on their proposed levies and budget plans, St. Louis County Commissioners approved two such meetings to provide for maximum public input.

The meetings have been set for Thursday, December 2nd at 6:00 p.m. in Virginia, MN at the St. Louis County Courthouse, 300 South 5th Avenue, and the following Thursday, December 9th at 6:00 p.m., in the Duluth St. Louis County Courthouse, 100 North 5th Avenue West, Second Floor County Board Room.

The county’s proposed overall 2011 budget of $304,691,161 will be partially supported with a local property tax levy of $108,073,565. The 2011 levy will raise an additional $644,574 over the 2011 levy, which will be used primarily to pay the debt service on the sale of bonds for planned renovations to the Virginia Courthouse and emergency public safety radio communications improvements. The overall budget represents a decrease of 7% from 2010 due to fluctuations in state and federal dollars for specific programs and projects.

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