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County Attorney Announces "Stay in School" Contest Winners

Categories: 2010 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 6/15/2010 | Views: 26997


                                                                                                     PRESS RELEASE

June 14, 2010                             CONTACT:  Melanie Ford, County Attorney  
                                                               (218) 726-2323 or
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                           St. Louis County Courthouse, Duluth, MN 
                                   County Attorney Ford Announces Winning Schools in
                                             “Stay in School” Poster Calendar Contest

As the school year winds down, St. Louis County Attorney Melanie Ford, announced that the top 22 poster artists and their schools have been selected for the Second Annual “Stay in School” Calendar.  When children return to school in the fall, the “Stay in School” calendar will await them.

The top artists were from the following schools: Roosevelt Elementary School, Virginia; Duluth Edison Charter Schools – Raleigh, Duluth; Pike Lake Elementary School, Canosia; Nelle Shean Elementary School, Gilbert; Cotton Elementary School, Cotton; AlBrook School, Saginaw;  Duluth Edison Charter Schools- Kenwood, Duluth;  Merritt Elementary School, Mountain Iron;  Floodwood Elementary School, Floodwood; Stowe Elementary School, Duluth; Homecroft Elementary School, Duluth.

County Attorney Melanie Ford stated, “We had great participation this year, with half of the elementary schools in the county.  We look forward to more schools participating next year.”

The calendar features the top poster artists from participating fourth and fifth grade students throughout St. Louis County.  Each month of the calendar has a poster depicting the importance of staying in school from the perspective of students.  There is also a page featuring ten honorable mention poster artists. County Attorney Ford visited each of the top poster artists’ classes.  She presented awards to the winners and spoke with the class about the importance of staying in school.  Besides the individual artist awards, each participating school was presented with a $200 check.  Some of the schools used the award money to purchase art supplies.  Others used it to finance school educational trips.

This calendar was made possible by generous donations from the community in conjunction with the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners.  Ford welcomes all contributions to support this effort in getting out the message about the importance of staying in school.  Contributions can be sent to:  St. Louis County Attorney, 100 N. Fifth Ave. West, Duluth, MN 55802.

Watch for a traveling exhibition of the top posters at various places throughout the community.  The calendar will be available this fall at the County Attorney’s Office website, click here.

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