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Arrowhead Juvenile Center Superintendent Receives Award

Categories: 2010 Press Releases | Author: Peggy Carlson | Posted: 5/3/2010 | Views: 24842


                                                    NEWS RELEASE

April 29, 2010                      CONTACT:  Tom Roy, Executive Director
                                                                                                              Arrowhead Regional Corrections
                                                          Phone:  218-726-2650

                       Superintendent of Arrowhead Juvenile Center Receives 
                                             Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2004, the State of Minnesota Female Offender Advisory Task Force established the Esther Tomljanovich Lifetime Achievement Award.  The Task Force wanted to recognize Esther’s tireless work as a judge fighting to ensure justice for women and children.  The award is based on long term work on behalf of female offenders, accomplishments that improve services and outcomes, and a demonstrated ability to influence other professionals to improve outcomes for female offenders.

The recipient of the award this year meets these criteria.  Kathy Trihey, Superintendent of the Arrowhead Juvenile Center located in Duluth, is a thirty-plus year veteran of corrections.  She began the Duluth Task Force on Female Offenders over twenty years ago.  She has worked to prioritize and fight for funding for gender specific programming during her entire career.  She educates Arrowhead Regional Corrections (ARC) commissioners and the community about the need for parity in services for female offenders. 

Even in dire financial times, she has ensured that gender specific programming has survived through her work with the Arrowhead Regional Corrections Board and with county commissioners.

Kathy has encouraged a number of people in ARC’s five northern counties to apply for and serve on the State Advisory Task Force on female offenders.  She is a tireless advocate for women and girls who enter the Arrowhead Juvenile Center and insists on gender specific programming regardless of whether the female population is high or low.  Kathy has managed the Adult Bethel Female Offender program budget and outcome reports, taking care that facility staff are trained in responding to the unique life traumas often associated with the female offender.  She is often the lone voice in the room pushing a gender responsive focus at the ARC Board and community level. 

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