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County Employees Challenged to "Walk the County"

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August 18, 2009                                          CONTACT:  Tiffany Carlson, St. Louis County 
                                                                                  Health Promotions Coordinator
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                            Duluth, MN   218-720-1551

County Employees Challenged to “Walk the County”

St. Louis County and Arrowhead Regional Corrections employees are ‘stepping up’ their employee worksite wellness initiatives with a new “Walk the County” challenge.  Over 120 employees have signed up to participate in this seven-week challenge, each making a commitment to walk a minimum of 5 miles in the first week and increasing their number of miles walked each week until their weekly commitment reaches 12 miles in week seven.  Employees have an option to participate in the challenge as either an individual or on a team and walk before/after work or even during their break periods.  At the conclusion of the seven week challenge, a team of three participants will have walked a total minimum distance of 168 miles or enough to cover the distance from south to north St. Louis County along the Highway 53 corridor.  During the first week of the challenge, employees reported to having already walked a total of 1,327 miles.

This “Walk the County” challenge comes on the heels of another worksite wellness challenge, a spin-off of the NBC syndicated Biggest Loser competition.  During the county’s
12-week biggest loser wellness challenge, 80 participants lost a combined total of 633 pounds.

These challenges are only a part of the county’s new voluntary Total Wellness! program which focuses on prevention, healthy lifestyles, a healthy community, financial wellness, fitness programs and even classroom education on how to become better consumers when it comes to
health care.

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