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Everal O’Brien Receives St. Louis County’s Volunteer Excellence Award

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July 23, 2007



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Everal O’Brien Receives St. Louis County’s Volunteer Excellence Award


Everal O’Brien will be recognized by St. Louis County Commissioner Steve Raukar with the County’s Volunteer Excellence Award at the County Board meeting held Tuesday, July 24 at the Hibbing City Council Chamber, Hibbing City Hall. At age 91, Ms. O’Brien shows no sign of slowing down in her tireless volunteer activities. She says she has always felt it important to be a contributing member of the community, and she certainly has demonstrated that commitment through her service. Her involvement and contributions to the area are numerous:



o             Wesley United Methodist Church: Member of the Church Council (4 years), President of United Women (2 years), Chairperson of the Reading Program (20 years), Chairperson of Ester Circle (5 years), Dining Room Floral arrangements (20 years)


o             Arrowhead RSVP-AEOA: Began volunteer service in the area through RSVP in 1980, RSVP Advisory Council (1987-1992), Intergenerational Pen Pal project (5 years)


o             Range ARC: Committee uniting mentally disabled with volunteer friend for outings


o             Hull Rust Mineview: Volunteer in souvenir shop since opening


o             Girl Scouts: Girl Scout for over 50 years, Co-founder of Troop 180 comprised of former leaders and di strict workers (25 years)


o             University Medical Center-Mesabi: Day surgery volunteer (15 years), Information desk (5 years), Over 1,500 hours of volunteer service to the hospital


o             North Star Hospice: Hospice Board Member and hospice volunteer (8 years)

o             Minnesota Senior Federation: Member since 1980, Senior Partners Care developer, President (2 years), Treasurer (8 years), Area representative (16 years), Continues to support the advocacy efforts of the Federation


o             Tourist Senior Center: Grant writing to find the building at 1202 E. Howard Street President (two terms), Secretary (6years), and Treasurer (1 Oyears), Center host (4 years), Board member (15 years)



The St. Louis County Volunteer Excellence Award is given to those citizens who freely give of their generous gifts of time, talent, and energy in contributing to the exceptional quality of life in our region. Everal O’Brien truly exemplifies excellence in her contributions to making St. Louis County a better place to live and grow for all of our residents!

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