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St. Louis County Awarded Performance Trailblazer Grant

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May 24, 2007


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St. Louis County Awarded Performance Trailblazer Grant


The National Center for Civic Innovation (NCCI) recently selected St. Louis County as one of a small number of governments across the nation to receive the Government Performance Reporting Trailblazer grant. This prestigious award is designed to help governments involve citizens in measuring their performance to improve efficiency and accountability and to produce more accessible and engaging reports to the public and press.  In receiving this designation, St. Louis County joins a small but growing cadre of governments who are helping to advance innovations in public management.

The Government Trailblazer program provides St. Louis County a tremendous opportunity to work with the public to identify what services are important to them, and to demonstrate a level of efficiency and effectiveness in how services are provided,” said Bill Kron, St. Louis County Board Chair. “Like other local governments, we are anticipating severely constrained budgets for the foreseeable future, and need to better prioritize among competing demands.  The tools developed through this program will help us get the feedback from citizens we need to measure what’s important to them.”

Although grants are relatively modest in amount, approximately $12,000 in the case of St. Louis County, the value of becoming a member of this cadre of innovators is far greater.  “This program will allow grantees to share experiences and ideas and support one another through various programs and conferences over the next two years,” said Dana Frey, St. Louis County Administrator. “St. Louis County Administration was selected for the grant from a large pool of applicants because of the County Board’s strategy to use business planning to implement citizen-oriented results management.”

This grant covering 2007-2008 is the second round of the “trailblazer” grant program. In the 2003-06 awards, the “demonstration” program, Washington County Minnesota and the City of
Minneapolis were the only other recipients in the State out of 24 other governments, a list which included including leading government performers such as Maricopa County, Arizona and the State of Iowa.



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