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St. Louis County Attorney Hosts Reception for Humphrey Institute

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Feburaur 7, 2007

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St. Louis County Attorney Hosts Reception for Humphrey Institute

Fellows from Three African Nations 


On Thursday morning, February 8, 2007, between 8:30AM and 10:00AM, the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office will be hosting an informal coffee and tea reception for three visiting Humphrey Scholars from Africa. The public is invited to attend the reception to be held in the County Attorney’s Office, St. Louis County Courthouse, Fifth Floor, 100 N. 5th Ave. W. Duluth, MN. All three visitors are lawyers, and will be presenting a public lecture tonight, Wednesday February 7, at an Alworth Institute meeting in the UMD Library Rotunda. The subject is “Constitutionality and the Rule of Law: Tanzania, Uganda and Zimbabwe.”


Mr. Kaleb Gamaya from Tanzania, Mr. Jacob Oboth from Uganda, and Mr. Arnold Tsunga from Zimbabwe are studying at the Humphrey Institute. Of the three, Arnold Tsunga is currently the most fully engaged in the struggle for human rights and for the rule of law, given the current situation in Zimbabwe. Arnold Tsunga’s recent arrest in Zimbabwe was reported by Amnesty International in late January fearing for his safety. Mr. Tsunga is a leading lawyer in Zimbabwe, Acting Secretary of the Law Society of Zimbabwe, and Executive Director of the Zimbabwean Lawyers for Human rights. He was arrested recently and released on bail.


Mr. Gamaya earned his LL.B. from the University of Dares Salaam in Dares Salaam, Tanzania in 1998, and has worked as the Director of Programs for the National Organization for Legal Assistance and as a Legal Aid coordinator for the Legal and Human Rights centre in Tanzania. Mr. Gamaya has participated in multiple fact finding missions on human rights violations, including the administration of the electoral process in Zanzibar and the Zanzibar killings. He anticipates studying human rights law.


Mr. Oboth received his LL.B. from Makerere University in Uganda, and works as a Resident State Attorney in the Ministry of Justice & Constitutional Affairs/Attorney General’s Chambers in Uganda. He anticipates studying international human rights law with a focus on developing nations.


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