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Alcohol and Liquor

Obtaining an Alcohol and Liquor License


St. Louis County licenses establishments located in organized and unorganized townships within the County of St. Louis, Minnesota.  If the establishment is located in an organized township, town board approval is required.  If your establishment is located within a city, contact the city clerk's office.  All license applicants must meet the requirements of the following County Departments / Offices:  Sheriff, Attorney, Environmental Services, and Planning.  Depending on the type of license, additional licensing requirements may be required by the Minnesota Department of Health. 

New applicants must personally appear before the St. Louis County Liquor licensing Committee.  The Liquor Licensing Committee is a subcommittee appointed by the St. Louis County Board of Commissioners that's authorized to review, investigate, and make recommendations to the County Board relating to applications for liquor licenses.

The St. Louis County Board of Commissioners authorizes the issuance of license with final approval for intoxicating liquor granted by the Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement Division of the State of Minnesota / Department of Public Safety. Liquor license fees vary depending on the type of license, effective date of the license, and location of the establishment.

St. Louis County Ordinance No. 28 pursuant to and in conjunction with the law and regulations of MN Statute Chapter 340A details liquor license restrictions and regulations.

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