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Operating Budget 


Award Winning Financial Excellence

The St. Louis County Board adopted the 2015 budget on December 16, 2014 with a levy of $116,631,195 (overview presentation available here). This is a 2.9% increase over 2014. The increased levy dollars will: 

  • Help fund debt service for key capital investments, including the renovation of the Government Services Center in Duluth and needed upgrades to the Northeast Regional Corrections Center (NERCC)
  • Provide additional support for public safety initiatives such as the operational costs to support a medium-security area at NERCC  
  • Preserve road and bridge investments and human services programming.  

The operating budget allows the County to fulfill its mission of delivering high quality yet efficient services to citizens in the areas of planning and zoning, land and minerals management, solid waste and recycling, public works, health and human services, criminal justice, community development and general government services.

The budget process provides the County Board and its management staff an opportunity to annually reexamine the services provided within the County.  It is a lengthy and comprehensive process that begins early each year.

Key dates to know

Work on the 2016 budget is underway. Citizens are invited to give their input on the budget at any County Board meeting, or by contacting commissioners directly. 

September 22: Commissioners will adopt the preliminary maximum levy at their Board Meeting. 

December 15: Commissioners will approve the 2016 budget at their Board Meeting.


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