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Capital & Operating Budget 


Award Winning Financial Excellence

The St. Louis County Board and staff are working to finalize the 2014 budget. On September 10, commissioners approved the preliminary maximum property tax levy in the amount of $113,344,211. This is a 1.5% increase over the current year. The increased levy dollars will be specifically dedicated to funding long term debt associated with the renovations of the Government Services Center. All other increased costs, have been absorbed with no levy impact to taxpayers. This is the fifth consecutive year the Board has kept the levy increase below the rate of inflation. Establishing the levy is a key step in the budget process. Following public meetings on November 26 and December 5 (view presentation from meetings), the County Board will approve a final budget for 2014 on December 17.

The 2013 budget totals $311,536,514. It was unanimously adopted by the County Board on December 11, 2012. (View an overview of the budget.) Of that, $111,669,173 comes from property taxes. The levy represents a 1.5% increase over the adopted 2012 budget, and reflects the Board's commitment to fiscal stewardship and long-term stability, coupled with a continued sensitivity to levy impacts on our citizens and taxpayers. Additionally, we continue to focus on key investments, collaboration and business improvement themes that best position the County into the future.

The operating budget allows the County to carry out its mission and deliver high quality yet efficient services to citizens in the areas of planning and zoning, land and minerals management, solid waste and recycling, public works, health, human services, criminal justice, community development and general government services.

The budget process provides the County Board and its management staff an opportunity to annually reexamine the services provided within the County.  It is a lengthy and comprehensive process that begins early each year.

2013-2017 Capital Improvement Program Amendment

Each year, as an integral part of its annual budget process, St. Louis County updates its Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  The CIP is a plan that matches the county's major capital needs regarding long-term physical asset development with the financial ability to meet these needs in a manner that attempts to better ensure the effective and efficient provision of government services and operations while maintaining a strong county infrastructure. The county's CIP identifies projects that have been designed to support existing or projected needs in the following areas:  transportation infrastructure (road and bridges), county facilities, land improvement/development/acquisition, equipment purchases and technology.  (View the 2013-2017 CIP draft.) 

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