GOVERNMENTEmploymentWhy St. Louis County?   

Why St. Louis County?

Stability. Livability. Community.

With over 300 different jobs, we offer the most diverse employment opportunities of any employer in Northern Minnesota. From clerical to administrative, to construction and environmental services, we offer the career seeker the opportunity to work indoors or outdoors. In addition to full time and part time employment, we offer competitive wages, robust medical, dental and life benefits, retirement, and deferred compensation opportunities. Working for St. Louis County allows you to impact the lives of others and give back to your community.

Stability Livability Community


  • SLC offers a unique blend of big city and small town appeal.

  • Careers with St. Louis County provide the satisfaction of serving your community & neighbors.

  • SLC is a recognized industry leader in training, education, and development.

  • Hillside
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