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The American Diabetes Association has designated St. Louis County as a Health Champion for our work to prevent diabetes!

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BluePrint for Health® Fitness Discount

All members of the St. Louis County Health plan administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota are eligible for the BluePrint for Health® fitness discount. That means that you and one other eligible adult in your household, if you have a family plan, can get up to $20 credit toward your monthly fitness center fee when you work out at least eight days per calendar month. That’s up to $40 in credits a month.

All you have to do is show your ID card with the fitness icon   at a participating fitness center and ask to be enrolled.

Find a participating fitness club

You can search for a convenient club using your zip code by clicking here. You may also contact your fitness center to find out if they participate.

Work out eight days per month

Your visits are automatically tracked. As long as you remain eligible and meet the eight-day per month workout requirement, you’ll receive a monthly credit or reimbursement through your fitness club or local banking institution.

First credit/reimbursement can take 60 days

There is a period of time between the month of the completed workout activity and the month you get credit.  For example, if you work out eight times in October, it will be verified in November, and credit/reimbursement will occur in December.

Work closely with your fitness center

When you enroll for the program at a participating fitness center, make sure the fitness center has correct information and your activity is tracked each month.  Also, you can confirm with your fitness center what their credit schedule is for their members.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this program on your way to feeling better about your health! 



Small Group Personal Fitness Challenge

St. Louis County’s Health Insurance Committee is excited to share that efforts behind the Small Group Personal Fitness Challenge have paid off! Data obtained through 230 participant’s pre- and post- fitness evaluations shows that participating in small group fitness sessions led by a certified professional trainer can result in many health benefits including increased flexibility, weight loss, motivation and self-confidence.  The outcomes of this challenge are highlighted in a documentary.  In recognizing the likely benefits to the self-insured health plan, the insurance committee agreed by consensus to add a new small group personal fitness reimbursement of $50 each month.  

All you have to do to join/benefit from this challenge is to gather together a group of eligible individuals and contact the facility of your choice. 

Participating Facility Comparison
Eligibility & Details
Find a group to join 
Find an individual to join your group

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