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The American Diabetes Association has designated St. Louis County as a Health Champion for our work to prevent diabetes!

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 Weight Loss Reimbursement Program

County/ARC employees and/or their spouses
(or one other adult in same household) 
are eligible for up to a $250 ($500 per household)
annual reimbursement 

 All you need to do is:

  1. Contact Tiffany Kari, Health Promotions Coordinator, at 218-720-1551 for a listing of approved programs.

  2. Complete at least six weeks of the program.

  3. Fill out an Employee Voucher.  

    Voucher tips:  Complete the claimant's portion and be sure to sign and date it.  Also indicate your department and location by your name.  Attach your supporting documentation (receipts) and return to Employee Development, GSC, 2nd floor attn: Julie Geissler for approval.  Note:  Participants also qualify for points on their wellness tracking cards when they join one of these programs.  Reimbursements are available to participants who are enrolled in the wellness program as well as those who are not. 

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