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The American Diabetes Association has designated St. Louis County as a Health Champion for our work to prevent diabetes!

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Welcome to Total Wellness Total Transformation! This program works by you taking the first step and registering. There is no cost for this program. When you enroll in the program you will get all the materials you need which includes your program guide, tracking card as well as a Total Wellness logo item. 

Your Wellness program now offers you many ways to become involved. There are five categories of wellness so that everyone feels they can participate in some way.

1. "I Choose Prevention" is geared towards encouraging you to take preventative steps in keeping yourself healthy, such as physical exams and screenings.

2. “I Choose a Healthy Lifestyle” is taking time for you to learn about your health and to encourage you to have an active and safe lifestyle.

3. “I Choose a Healthy Community” helps you find ways to help in your community. The simple act of helping has been shown to make people feel happier with their lives.

4. “I Choose Financial Wellness” helps you find ways to manage your finances and have a healthy bottom line.

5. “I Choose Healthy Programs provides you with opportunities to participate in some fun and healthy programs.

Who Can Participate? 

Eligible participants are:
1) Employees & retirees (County/ARC/District Court), and/or their spouses, and/or an adult child living in their household.  Limit of one other adult in addition to the employee.
2)  Retirees and  District Court Employees, their spouses and their children must be members of the St. Louis County self-insured plan

Note: If you or your family member is not a member of the St. Louis County Self-Insured Health Plan and are not required to be, you will need to substitute your own insurance company's health assessment for the Blue Cross Blue Shield online health assessment referred to on the tracking card.

How do I Enroll? You may enroll in the program anytime. Request a registration form at 218-726-2133.  For questions contact your Health Promotion Coordinator Tiffany Kari at 218-720-1551.

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