If you are five years or less from your target retirement date, you will find a wealth of resources here to help you through this final stage.  If retirement is more than five years away for you, consider taking the Dollars and Sense class offered by St. Louis County and coordinated by the Public Employees Retirement Association (P.E.R.A.). 

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PERA (Public Employees Retirement Association) Meeting

St. Louis County staff do not have access to your PERA record.  You will want to contact Bryan (218-302-6120) or Kristen (218-302-6121) to schedule a meeting in Duluth if you want to…

  • Discuss any details about your future PERA retirement benefit
  • Make application to begin collecting a PERA monthly benefit


Pre-Retirement Meeting

Pre-Retirement meetings are for employees 2 to 12 months from their retirement date. At this meeting you will get the following information:

  • an overview of the retirement process and where to begin
  • choosing the optimal day in your chosen retirement month
  • disbursement of unused paid leave time
  • status of other benefits upon retirement
  • insurance continuation options

Schedule a pre-retirement meeting






Final Retirement Meeting (Mandatory)

This meeting should take place one to four weeks prior to last day on payroll. During this meeting you will:

  • complete election form to continue/cancel/change insurance plans
  • go over payment details for any post-retirement insurance plans
  • learn how to access health care savings plan funds

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