If you are five years or less from your target retirement date, you will find a wealth of resources here to help you through this final stage.  If retirement is more than five years away for you, consider taking the Dollars and Sense class offered by St. Louis County and coordinated by the Public Employees Retirement Association (P.E.R.A.). 

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The Public Employee Retirement Association has different eligibility rules for each retirement fund type:

The Coordinated Plan, created in 1968, provides retirement and other benefits in addition to those supplied by Social Security. The Basic Plan was closed in 1967, and is not coordinated with Social Security.  The Public Employees Police and Fire Fund, established in 1959 for police officers and fire fighters not covered by a local relief association, now encompasses all paid Minnesota police officers and firefighters hired since 1980. Legislation in 1999 also merged members of the former Police and Fire Consolidation Plan of PERA into the Police and Fire Plan. The Local Government Correctional Service Retirement Fund was created in 1999 for correctional officers serving in county and regional adult and juvenile corrections facilities. Participants must be responsible for the security, custody and control of the facilities and their inmates.

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