Medical Coverage

In providing medical coverage to employees and retirees, St. Louis County participates in a program of self insurance. The County contracts with a health insurance company to administer the claims and health care coverage for subscribers. Because the County is self-insured, subscribers are encouraged to be prudent in obtaining health care services. In this way, subscribers may assist the County in its effort to curtail the increasing costs of health care.

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In-network providers will get you the most benefits for the least expense and paperwork.  They will accept payment based on the allowed amount and file claims for you. 


In-Network providers are providers in the St. Louis County Network.  Visit the BCBS website and use the "Find a Doctor" tool to search for tier 1 and tier 2 providers in the St. Louis County Network.  Learn More...


Tiering Tutorial Video

Understanding Medical Out of Pockets Video


Tiering FAQs:


Q1:What is tiering and how can I learn more? 

A1:Watch the Tiering Tutorial  and Understanding Medical Out of Pockets Videos


Q2: If a Tier 1 provider refers you to a specialist that is Tier 2 what medical out of pocket expenses apply to charges incurred by the Tier 2 provider?

A2: Tier 2 out-of-pockets would apply.  The fact that you are referred doesn't change the status of either provider. 


Q3: My oral surgeon told me that part of my oral surgery will be covered under my health plan. How do I find out if my dentist/oral surgeon is a tier 1 or tier 2 dentist?

A3: If a search with the Find a Doctor tool at includes your dentist, he/she is tier 1.  There are no tier 2 dentists in the health plan.  If your search results do not include your dentist/oral surgeon then he/she is out-of-network.  To search for a dentist you will need to select dentist in the pop-up window that appears when you click on Find a Doctor:


pop up window for Find a Dentist






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