Medical Coverage

In providing medical coverage to employees and retirees, St. Louis County participates in a program of self insurance. The County contracts with a health insurance company to administer the claims and health care coverage for subscribers. Because the County is self-insured, subscribers are encouraged to be prudent in obtaining health care services. In this way, subscribers may assist the County in its effort to curtail the increasing costs of health care.

Eligibility Coverage Cost Shop and Compare Forms Tiers FAQs Pharmacy (Rx) How to Save

Ways to save on out-of-pocket medical expenses


Save $20 with…

Ø  Fitness Center Discounts

Ø  OTC program

Ø  Generic Rx

Ø  90 Day Rx

Ø  Medication Therapy Management (MTM)



Save $50 with…

Ø  Healthy Start Prenatal Support

Ø  Join the Total Wellness Program

Ø  Pill Splitting

Ø  Fitness trainer rebates



Save $100+ with…

Ø  100% preventative benefit with no cap

Ø  Doctor on Demand

Ø  Weight-loss program rebates

Ø  Enhanced Smoking Cessation Program

Ø  Flexible spending Program

Ø  Deductible Carryover

Ø  Assist America services

Ø  Join the Total Wellness Program

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