Medical Coverage

In providing medical coverage to employees and retirees, St. Louis County participates in a program of self insurance. The County contracts with a health insurance company to administer the claims and health care coverage for subscribers. Because the County is self-insured, subscribers are encouraged to be prudent in obtaining health care services. In this way, subscribers may assist the County in its effort to curtail the increasing costs of health care.

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Our health plan is moving from the Aware Pharmacy Network to the Classic Pharmacy Network effective 1/1/18.  Health plan members with recent prescription fills at a pharmacy outside the Classic network will be notified with a letter in mid-November to their home address and again with a postcard in early January. 


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Plan Prescription drug coverage information:

RxBin:  610455
Formulary Name: FlexRx


Formulary Updates
Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form
Medication Therapy Management Program
Over-the-Counter Program

Drug Exclusion List

Specialty Drug List

Copay Waiver Form

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