Life Insurance

Protection for your family, peace of mind for you.

Coverage & Eligibility Cost Supplemental Coverage Forms 2017 Special Enrollment

Options for additional employee and/or dependent coverages are available through:

  1. National Insurance Services (NIS) Up to $250,000 in supplemental coverage without medical questions ($500,000 with medical questions) if enrolling when first eligible.  You can increase your coverage each year by $10,000 ($50,000 during 2017 open enrollment only) without medical questions.  Spouse and Child coverage also available.
  2. Minnesota Benefit Association (MBA). You choose who to cover and how much coverage. A health history/medical visit may be required. You can enroll or disenroll at any time.
  3. Prudential Insurance Company of America to the National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS). Offered by the Public Employee Retirement Association, this plan provides coverage for you, your spouse and your children under 21. Everyone pays the same rate and the predetermined coverage amounts decrease as you age. Open enrollment each year occurs in October and November.
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