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Flexible Spending

With the St. Louis County Flexible Spending Plan, you have the option to use before-tax dollars to pay for a great many health and insurance benefits.  With this program you may allocate a portion of your income on a pre-tax basis to pay for dependent care expenses, qualified adoption expenses, unreimbursed medical expenses, such as orthodontia, deductibles and co-payments.

Eligibility & Enrollment Reimbursements Grace Period Forms

All non-temporary St. Louis County employees are eligible to enroll in flexible spending after one full calendar month of employment.

Each year you will choose to participate in St. Louis County's Flexible Spending Plan.   The program could produce real tax savings to you, but it does require that you plan for any anticipated expenses for the entire plan year.  Once the Plan Year begins, you may not make any changes to either the allocation of monies or accounts without a qualifying family status change event.   Your choices and the amounts you allocate to them will depend solely on the needs and expenses of you and your family.  All unreimbursed contributions will be retained by the employer to be used in such manner as they may deem proper.


2017 maximum annual contribution amounts:

$  2,500 Dependent Care Account, married filing separately
$  5,000 Dependent Care Account, married filing Jointly
$  5,000 Dependent Care Account, Single
$  2,600 Unreimbursed Medical Expense Account
$13,570 Adoption Account

The choices and the amounts allocated to each category must be made each year prior to the first day of the year.  Each of the funds created by your election are separate and distinct from the others.  Amounts allocated for Dependent Care Account funds may not be used for any medical expenses or adoption expenses, Medical Account funds cannot be used for any dependent care or adoption expenses, Adoption Account funds cannot be used for any medical expenses or dependent care expenses.

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