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You can add this benefit in January of each year if you enroll during open enrollment (November) and you are an active St. Louis County or Arrowhead Regional Corrections employee who averaged 18.75 hours per week or more during the prior payroll year or you are an elected official.  Your eligibility will be dependent upon your answers to medical questions so this benefit may not have value to you if you wait to enroll until after the onset of an illness/injury.  See exception below.

You will not have to answer medical questions and will be guaranteed coverage under this benefit if you enroll during a special enrollment period (ask Human Resources if one applies to you) or upon first becoming eligible.  You are eligible for this plan if you are an active employee who has averaged 18.75 hours or more per week over the prior payroll year.   If you did not work the prior payroll year you are eligible after a waiting period (see labor contract) as long as your  FTE (full time equivalent) is .50 or higher for 75 hour/pay period positions or a .47 or higher for 80 hour/pay period positions.  

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