Please be aware that the Employee and Dependent dental plans are two separate plans. What does this mean?

  • Different coverages for the employee and dependents (refer to Plan Summary information).

  • Different deductibles, copays, waiting periods and annual benefit amounts.

  • Different group and subscriber ID numbers.

  • Delta Dental subscriber cards will come in the employee's name for both plans.

  • Family members should use the card that says "dependent dental" in the corner

  • Employee coverage Group Number is 0610

  • Dependent coverage Group Number is 097991


Eligibility Dental Cards Forms Cost Coverage Networks

Search for a dentist by network and/or specialty near you: Delta Dental Dentist Search 

Delta Dental Premier Network:
Delta Dental Premier is Delta's largest fee-for-service network.  In Minnesota, Delta Dental Premier has more than 2,700 participating dentists (136,800 nationwide). 
Payment of the dental plan is made directly to the participating dentist. The plan's payment is based on the allowed amount after deductibles and coinsurance. The allowed amount is determined by taking the lesser of the submitted amount, the dentists' pre-filed fee allowance, and the maximum fee for the particular procedure code. Delta Dental of Minnesota participating dentists accept the allowed amount as payment in full for services covered under the plan.  

Delta Dental PPO Network:
In Minnesota, Delta Dental PPO has approximately 1,600 participating dentists (76,000 practicing in 138,000 locations nationwide).  It offers additional cost savings to plan members.  Participation in the Delta Dental PPO network requires an additional agreement between Delta Dental and the dentist. The agreement states that the participating dentist will accept payments based on the Delta Dental PPO fee maximum, which is discounted, rather than Delta Dental's standard reimbursement. Subscribers of either option will have an employee ID card that identifies the subscriber as participating in the plan.

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