Please be aware that the Employee and Dependent dental plans are two separate plans. What does this mean?

  • Different coverages for the employee and dependents (refer to Plan Summary information).

  • Different deductibles, copays, waiting periods and annual benefit amounts.

  • Different group and subscriber ID numbers.

  • Delta Dental subscriber cards will come in the employee's name for both plans.

  • Family members should use the card that says "dependent dental" in the corner

  • Employee coverage Group Number is 0610

  • Dependent coverage Group Number is 097991


Eligibility Dental Cards Forms Cost Coverage Networks

Employee Dental Rates (paid 100% by employer for FT):

Dependent Dental Rates (paid 100% by employee):
$45.35/month for a spouse
$31.30/month for one child
$79.70/month for family (2 or more dependents) 

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