Please be aware that the Employee and Dependent dental plans are two separate plans. What does this mean?

  • Different coverages for the employee and dependents (refer to Plan Summary information).

  • Different deductibles, copays, waiting periods and annual benefit amounts.

  • Different group and subscriber ID numbers.

  • Delta Dental subscriber cards will come in the employee's name for both plans.

  • Family members should use the card that says "dependent dental" in the corner

  • Employee coverage Group Number is 0610

  • Dependent coverage Group Number is 097991


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Employee Dental Cards:  you will likely receive your Delta Dental  card prior to the effective date of your coverage.  Remember that the effective date is the first of the calendar month following the completion of six (6) full calendar months for full-time employees or 1,000 hours for part-time employees.  To replace a lost or misplaced Employee Delta Dental Card call 1-800-553-9536

Dependent Dental Cards:  This card will come in the employee's name with a notation of dependent dental in the corner.  The dependent dental card must be in the employee's name in order to facilitate proper billing processes.  To replace a lost or misplaced Delta Dental Card call 1-800-553-9536.

Both Dental Cards:  The claims administrator is Delta Dental of Minnesota.  
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