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Green Initiatives

Water Conservation

Efficient Automatic Restroom Fixtures: Saving water can be easy and inexpensive with the use of automatic fixtures in restrooms. No-touch faucets and toilet flushers conserve water by using an infrared sensor that allows water to flow only when there is an object in front of the sensor. Not only are these devices more sanitary, they provide the same or better services as conventional fixtures, and can have major water cost savings in the long run. Such fixtures have been installed in most county facilities by Property Management, including a no-flush, no-touch urinal in the Duluth Courthouse that saves an average 40,000 gallons of water annually!

Low Maintenance Lawn Areas: Americans expend considerable amounts of water maintaining lawns and gardens every year. Simply minimizing lawn areas or using native plants and grasses that require minimal water creates enormous potential for water conservation and utility bill savings. Property Management takes this under consideration when landscaping county facilities, and has implemented low maintenance lawn areas at locations such as the Public Safety Building.

Surplus Cooling Towers: Water conservation efforts have begun at the Duluth Depot Heritage and Arts Center installing a recycled surplus cooling tower from the Courthouse to replace city water cooling for the facility’s air conditioning. Steam energy was also reduced in the Depot by using point humidification in one of the galleries. These efforts have conserved substantial amounts of water, and saves the County $17,000 annually!

Controlling Storm Water Runoff: The Duluth Motor Pool Green Roof project was awarded for its efforts at controlling storm water runoff and protecting our natural water resources. Green roofs limit runoff through rainwater retention and evapotranspiration, filtering out harmful pollutants and contaminants that can have negative impacts on the environment.


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