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Public Safety Building
2030 North Arlington Avenue
Duluth, MN 55811

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Green Initiatives

Ninety-eight percent (98%) efficient - low operating temperature hot water boilers.
High performance fiberglass framed windows.
White UV and heat reflective roof.
Building shell exceeds building code insulation requirements by 30%.
High efficiency lighting.
Heat/cooling recovery system for HVAC fresh air supply.
Premium efficiency fan & pump motors.
Variable frequency drive units for pump and fan motors (this runs the units only at the speed necessary to meet the occupancy needs).
Co2 sensors to control the amount of fresh air supply.
Occupancy sensors in offices to minimized the conditioned air supply to the office or room - if unoccupied.
Occupancy sensors to turn off the lights if office or room is unoccupied.
Automatic restroom fixtures to control water use.
Building is positioned on long east/west axis to maximize southern winter exposure (heat gain), and to minimize west window summer heat gain.
Low profile building design to minimize impact of prevailing winter winds.
Minimal lawn area, low maintenance/no watering plantings.
Environmental landscaping to block winter winds (north & west) - deciduous trees to provide shading in the summer (south side).
Long life cycle - low maintenance building construction and design.