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Hibbing Annex.jpg Hibbing Annex
1814 14th Avenue East
Hibbing, MN 55746

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Built in 1956, this facility was purchased by the county in 2001.  In 2004, the 27,000 sq/ft office building was remodeled and now houses the County Public Health and Human Services Department, and Veterans Services staff. This project was designed with sustainability, energy conservation, renewable energy, occupant comfort and health, and minimal maintenance as the standard. This building is now the “greenest” County owned facility, and is a test bed and model for future projects.

Some features of the Hibbing Annex building include solar hot water heater for public restrooms, a 6.1 KW photovoltaic electrical generation system, and a solar pre-heated make up air system that can pre-heat incoming air up to 60 degrees using only absorbed solar heat. This solar air system has no moving parts and requires almost no maintenance, making it a smart, economical, energy-saving investment. The Hibbing Annex building includes many other "green" features and systems as well, including automatic restroom fixtures, high efficiency lighting, and high performance windows.