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Duluth Courthouse 

Building Details
     Address:   St. Louis County Courthouse - Duluth
                      100 North 5th Avenue West
                      Duluth, MN 55802

(218) 726-2000

    Year Built:
            Sq. ft:

Green Initiatives
All existing historic light fixtures have been retrofitted with compact florescent bulbs, while other lighting has been upgraded to maximize efficiency, reducing lighting loads by approximately 50 percent. Building includes HVAC, electrical, fire safety and plumbing upgrades Phase I, II, and III. All components are specified at high efficiency, including exhaust air heat recovery, point of use domestic water heating, occupancy sensing temperature and lighting controls, automated energy management system, and variable speed motor load drives. These upgrades have reduced the County's electrical use from $13,000 per month to $6,700 per month as of December 2009, a savings of $75,000 per year!
Location Directory
St. Louis County Courthouse
100 N 5th Avenue West
Duluth, MN

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