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Human Resources Union Contracts

The majority of St. Louis County employees are represented by 11 bargaining units. The agreements between the County and the exclusive representatives are listed below. Questions regarding St. Louis County's collective bargaining agreements can be directed to Colleen Effinger, HR Manager, 218-725-5063.

Most Recent Collective Bargaining Agreements

  Civil Service Basic (AFSCME Local 66)
Civil Service Supervisory (SLC Employee Association)
County Attorneys (AFSCME Local 3761)
Confidential (Confidential Public Employees Association)
Deputy Sheriff's (Law Enforcement Labor Services)
Deputy Sheriff Supervisory (Deputy Sheriff Supervisor Association)
Investigators (AFSCME - Local 3761)
Jail/911 ( AFSCME - Local 1934/Local 66)
Maintenance Divisions (Teamsters - Local 320)
Merit System Basic (AFSCME - Local 66)
Merit System Supervisory (Arrowhead Public Service Union) 

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