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The mission of Environmental Services is to protect, sustain, and improve a clean and healthful environment, to benefit present and future generations through the use of sound, progressive approaches, and through leadership in developing public and private partnerships to focus resources on areas of greatest impact to the environment and economy of the County.

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Garbage Disposal
Facilities and Services
Construction & Demolition
Disposal Fees


Recycling Services
Recycling Drop-off Locations
Hazardous Waste


Septic Systems
Service Providers
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Fees & Licenses

Septic Fees 
Hauler Licenses
Landfill Licenses
Garbage Disposal Fees
Solid Waste Service Fees

Ordinances & Policies 

Septic Ordinance
Septic Loan Ordinance
Solid Waste Ordinance 
Garbage Disposal Policies

Garbage Drop-off sites

Contact Information for Garbage Facilities


Boards & Committees

Septic Sub-Committee 
Solid Waste Sub-Committee
Northeast Waste Advisory Council
Voyager Park CWJPB

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News & Press

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Reports & Publications

Solid Waste Management Plan

Study on landfill leachate nitrogen reduction 

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St. Louis County 

Solid Waste DivisionEnvironmental Services Logo
staff provide a comprehensive solid waste management system for all of St. Louis County outside of Duluth and surrounding townships. 

For solid waste management information for Alden, Canosia, Duluth, Gnesen, Grand Lake, Fredenberg, Lakewood, Marion Lake(54-13), Midway, Normanna, North Star, Rice Lake and Solway Townships, and the Cities of Duluth, Hermantown and Proctor, contact the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District.

The On-Site Wastewater (Septic Systems) Division staff provide permitting and inspection of all septic systems located throughout St. Louis County.  To see who to contact for septic information click here.



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