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Mine Inspectors

Promoting mine safety through proactive compliance activity

The Mine Inspector and Assistants are responsible for inspecting active mining properties at least once every 90 days to determine:

  • That the mining and processing is done in a safe manner
  • To conduct accident investigations to determine the causes of accidents, and 
  • To take steps to prevent similar types of accidents in the future. 

Fencing inspections are done on all 283 inactive mines at least annually to reduce the amount of access to hazardous areas, and assist in locating abandoned mine shafts that are potential hazards.

The office of the Mine Inspector operates under the authority of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 180.  It consists of one Mine Inspector and two Assistant Mine Inspectors.










Office of Mine Inspector
307 S. 1st St.
Virginia, MN  55792   
Office Hours:  6:30am-2:30pm  Monday-Friday
Inspector of Mines: Phone: 
Steve Manninen  (218) 742-9840 
Assistant Mine Inspectors:  
Dave Hamalainen (218) 742-9843
Derek Harbin (218) 471-9841












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