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Duluth Area

A P Cook.jpg A. P. Cook Building
2503 Rice Lake Road
Duluth, MN 55811

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Duluth Courthouse.jpg Courthouse
100 N 5th Ave W
Duluth, MN 55802

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Green Initiatives: All existing historic light fixtures have been retrofitted with compact florescent bulbs, while other lighting has been upgraded to maximize efficiency, reducing lighting loads by approximately 50 percent. Building includes HVAC, electrical, fire safety and plumbing upgrades Phase I, II, and III. All components are specified at high efficiency, including exhaust air heat recovery, point of use domestic water heating, occupancy sensing temperature and lighting controls, automated energy management system, and variable speed motor load drives. These upgrades have reduced the County's electrical use from $13,000 per month to $6,700 per month as of December 2009, a savings of $75,000 per year!

Duluth Depot Heritage and Arts Center.jpg Depot Heritage and Arts Center
506 West Michigan Street
Duluth, MN 55802
Green Initiatives: Water conservation efforts have begun at the Duluth Depot Heritage and Arts Center installing a recycled surplus cooling tower from the Courthouse to replace city water cooling for the facility’s air conditioning, reducing the annual bill from $28,000 to approximately $7,000. Steam energy was also reduced in the Depot by using point humidification in one of the galleries. These efforts have conserved substantial amounts of water, and saves the County $17,000 annually! Furthermore, a recent retro-fit to high efficiency lighting at the Depot reflects an additional savings of $12,000 each year.

Emergency Operations Center.jpg Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
and South Rescue Squad
5735 Old Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth, MN 55811

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Green Initiatives: The building exhaust has been replaced with a heat recovery system. Air conditioning to the radio equipment room has also been replaced with a "free cooling" stand alone unit. These efforts have effectively saved energy and reduced annual utility expenses.

Duluth Government Services Center.jpg  Government Services Center
320 West 2nd Street
Duluth, MN  55802

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Green Initiatives: Retro-fit of existing lighting to high efficiency fixtures. Stairwells repainted for improved lighting levels. Inefficient electric chiller A/C unit replaced by city district cooling. All exit lights replaced with long-life low power fixtures. Relocation of high-traffic departments to lower levels to reduce elevator electricity demands. 6 kW architectural wind turbine project, including the installation of six 1,000 watt grid tied wind turbines.  Photovoltaic (PV) panel mounts installed in a roof replacement project, delivering maximum electricity output during mid day peak usage in a "peak shaving" effort.

Data Center Relocation and Upgrade Project: This project will model the “high performance data center” as prescribed by new design standards of the Rocky Mountain Institute studies and publications. This high performance data center will consume approximately 70% less electrical energy than the existing data center. This is achieved through design from the ground up method, where all components and equipment (both computing and cooling) are integrated as a whole system. The conversion to a high performance data center will save the county approximately $4,000 per month in electrical and HVAC costs - plus free up valuable office space.

St. Louis County Jail.jpg Jail
4334 Haines Road
Duluth, MN 55811

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Duluth Motor Pool.jpg Motor Pool
401 West 2nd Street
Duluth, MN 55802

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Services: The Duluth Motor Pool provides housing and maintenance to county motor pool vehicles in southern St. Louis County.

Green Roof Project: St. Louis County is taking steps towards a more sustainable community with its green roof project taking place above the Motor Pool Building in downtown Duluth. The project is a pilot program between the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA), and the Western Lake Superior Sanitary District (WLSSD) for storm water control. Grants for the project were approved and received from the Minnesota Coastal Council as well as the Northeast Minnesota Sustainable Development Partnership. Additional funds were rewarded to the Duluth Community Garden Program who now tends to the gardens along with the Duluth Thunderbird-Wren House. Together they grow a variety of plants, devoting a large portion of the green roof to raising fruits and vegetables. Accompanied by the longest running PV array in Northeastern Minnesota, the Motor Pool rooftop serves as a model for future green roof projects in the region.

Environmental-Stewardship-Award.png Motor-Pool-before-thumbnail

Public Safety Building
2030 North Arlington Avenue
Duluth, MN 55811

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Green Initiatives

Ninety-eight percent (98%) efficient - low operating temperature hot water boilers.
High performance fiberglass framed windows.
White UV and heat reflective roof.
Building shell exceeds building code insulation requirements by 30%.
High efficiency lighting.
Heat/cooling recovery system for HVAC fresh air supply.
Premium efficiency fan & pump motors.
Variable frequency drive units for pump and fan motors (this runs the units only at the speed necessary to meet the occupancy needs).
Co2 sensors to control the amount of fresh air supply.
Occupancy sensors in offices to minimized the conditioned air supply to the office or room - if unoccupied.
Occupancy sensors to turn off the lights if office or room is unoccupied.
Automatic restroom fixtures to control water use.
Building is positioned on long east/west axis to maximize southern winter exposure (heat gain), and to minimize west window summer heat gain.
Low profile building design to minimize impact of prevailing winter winds.
Minimal lawn area, low maintenance/no watering plantings.
Environmental landscaping to block winter winds (north & west) - deciduous trees to provide shading in the summer (south side).
Long life cycle - low maintenance building construction and design.

>Third Street Parking Ramp.jgp Third Street Parking Ramp
422 West 3rd Street
Duluth, MN 55802

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Located adjacent to the St. Louis County Courthouse and Government Service Center (GSC), the Third Street Parking Ramp provides parking services to County employees in the Downtown Duluth area. 95,480 square feet / 247 parking spaces.

Green Initiatives: The Third Street and GSC Parking Ramps received lighting upgrades to high efficiency fixtures with reduced wattage and increased lighting coverage, timers and occupancy sensors to turn off lights during non-use times, daylight sensors to turn off fixtures in areas that receive ample ambient daylight, washed and white-painted walls and surfaces for improved lighting levels, and LED exit lights to replace inefficient florescent fixtures. Windows were also installed in the tops of both stair towers to allow for better day-lighting of stairwells. These changes lowered electrical energy use by over $12,000.00 per year in the ramp alone. Photo voltaic panels on the ramp's rooftop generate approximately 8.5 KW of electrical energy for the ramp, which results in zero energy use in the summer and reduced the total winter electrical cost to approximately $500.