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Trust Lands Managed for the People of St. Louis County

Protecting environmental values
Performing public services
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A Public Enterprise Trust

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The Department’s core function is to administer Tax Forfeited Trust Lands for the benefit of the County, School Districts and Townships in accordance with Statute.

Management of an enterprise fund of this nature requires fiduciary responsibility, innovation, and flexibility to accomplish our core function successfully.

Each tab below contains a summary of our Core Programs.

Forest Management Tax Forfeited Land Administration Special Sites Extractives Recreation

Aggregate resources, by their nature, are not renewable.  Depletion of the resource would not only impact Land Department operations, but could significantly impact the economy in the area.

The Department is currently conducting an inventory of potential gravel resources in the south area of the county.  County wide, we are anticipating further assistance from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  This will provide a base on which long range aggregate resource planning can be done.

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