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Trust Lands Managed for the People of St. Louis County

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St. Louis County Land & Minerals Department Mission

The mission of the St. Louis County Land & Minerals Department is to promote, enhance and protect St. Louis County Tax Forfeited Trust lands by providing professional expertise in the use of sound land management principles for:

  • Financial return to the county and taxing districts

  • Performing public services

  • Maintaining and improving forest health and productivity

  • Providing raw material for local industry

  • Providing opportunity for tourism and recreation

  • Protecting wildlife habitat, soil resources, and water quality

  • Providing for scientific research

The Department is dedicated to long-term management of the Tax Forfeited Trust for the economic, social, and ecological benefit of the people of St. Louis County. The Land & Minerals Department’s vision hinges on the concept of sustainability. 

In other words, protecting the natural environment while enhancing economic opportunity and community well-being.

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The Department’s core function is to administer Tax Forfeited Trust Lands for the benefit of the County, School Districts and Townships in accordance with Statute.

Management of an enterprise fund of this nature requires fiduciary responsibility, innovation, and flexibility to accomplish our core function successfully.

Each tab below contains a summary of our Core Programs.

Forest Management Tax Forfeited Land Administration Special Sites Extractives Recreation
State Tax Forfeited land

State Tax Forfeited land covers approximately 900,000 acres of St. Louis County’s 4.5 million acres.

Tax Forfeited ownership is fragmented; certain areas in the County have large, contiguous blocks of Tax Forfeited land, while other areas have small scattered parcels.

Most of this land is forested and is retained in one of the 10 memorial forest for multiple use purposes.

  • Work closely with cities, towns and municipalities with the use of Tax Forfeited lands in their planning efforts

  • Promote efficient economic use of Tax Forfeited land  

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