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Planning Commission (PC)

The St. Louis County Planning Commission holds public hearings and makes recommendations on comprehensive land use plans, subdivision platting proposals and official controls of the county. They also make decisions on environmental reviews and conditional use permit applications.

The Lake Superior Wetland Bank application and project area map are available in the document library below.

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The following documents below are the agendas and meeting summaries for each Planning Commission meeting held in the current year. The meeting agenda will be posted approximately 10 days prior to each meeting. The meeting summaries for that meeting will usually be posted from three (3) to five (5) days after the meeting.

The deadline for application is the first Friday of the month prior to the PC meeting. The meeting agenda will be posted approximately 10 days prior to each meeting.

To view documents for the current year, click on the "Name" title below to sort in descending order.

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