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911 User Board

The 911 User Board assists the County Board and the Director of 911 Communications in coordinating the 911 Communications System operations within St. Louis County and the surrounding area.

 911 User Board Meeting Notice

 The next 911 User Board Meeting will be held on:


 January 14, 2015 - Wednesday


 10:00 a.m.


 MC Davitt
 9042 Zim Road
 Zim, Minnesota  55738
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The 911 User Board is made up of eighteen (18) members and is responsible for providing representation of all major public safety agencies and types using the St. Louis County 911 Emergency Communications System.

Members on the 911 User Board represent the following agencies:

St. Louis County Board of Commissioners
St. Louis County Sheriff
Urban Police Departments (Hermantown, Proctor, University of  Minnesota Duluth, Floodwood)
City of Duluth Police Department 
City of Duluth Fire Department
Fire Departments (Lakehead Fire Association Board) 
Emergency Medical Services Providers (Arrowhead Emergency Medical Services Board)
Police Departments (Iron Range Police Chiefs Association)
Urban Fire Departments (Hibbing, Eveleth, Virginia Fire Departments) 
Volunteer Fire Departments (Iron Range Fire Coalitions)
Volunteer Fire Departments (Arrowhead Regional Firefighters Association)
Emergency Medical Service Providers (Arrowhead EMS Association)

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