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Contractor Information

All contractors or sub-contractors operating on Tax forfeit lands must have appropriate training, experience and certification to conduct the work activities that are the subject of the contract. 

All contractors or sub-contractors must carry liability insurance and meet Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law requirements.

Timber sale operators must have the following minimum training for at least the owner of the firm and the foreman who will supervise the operation on tax forfeit lands:

A contractor that meets these requirements is put on the Land & Minerals Departments Responsible Operator List.  An operator may be removed from this list due to poor performance or contract violation.  The Responsible  Operators List is updated annually.  To stay on the Responsible Operators List the "Responsible Operators Application Update Form" must be filled out each year and returned to the St. Louis County Land & Minerals Department


We also expect all operators to comply with Land & Minerals Department Work Instructions and all other contract requirements and directions given from Land & Minerals Department personnel during the course of work on State tax forfeited lands.

All contractors operating on St. Louis County Tax Forfeit Lands are required to complete a Contractor Pre-Work Session. (Click Here) You must be able to print the Certificate of Completion when you have successfully completed the module. If you are unable to print or complete the online training, please visit one of our offices.

Upon successful completion of the E-Training, present the Certificate of Completion to the contract administrator.

All Timber Sale contractors must comply with all items in the Timber Sale Contract.

To be eligible to bid at St. Louis County Timber Auctions or operate on St. Louis County Lands a Responsible Operators Application Form and a Certificate of Compliance with Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law must be completed and on file at the St. Louis County Land & Minerals Department, Government Services Center, Suite 302, 320 West 1st Street, Duluth MN, 55802.  

When working on a public right of way (i.e. access or culver installation) temporary traffic control must be provided.  For most culvert installations on roads with less than 400 vehicles per day layout 9 (no flaggers) or layout 10 (with flaggers) should suffice:  Work Zone Layouts  . Refer to the Temporary Traffic Control Zone Layouts Field Manual for more information.   Traffic Counts Link

A Letter of Credit may be used on a timber sale contract, please review the letter of credit policy before using a letter of credit.  Contact the Land & Minerals Department at 218-728-2606 if you have any questions.


Responsible Operators Application Form (Nov) 2010 All new operators on tax forfeit lands are required to fill out this form. 
Responsible Operators Application Update Form This form must be completed each year for an operator to remain on the responsible operators list.
Certificate of Compliance with MN Workers' Compensation Law This certificate is required to be completed by all St. Louis County contract holders.
Work Instructions
Best management practices for field operators