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Forest Development Contracts

Periodically throughout the year, the Land & Minerals Department advertises Forest Development Contracts for a variety of projects that may include: Ground Herbicide Site Preparation, Ground Herbicide Release for Conifer Plantations, Hand Release and Basal Pruning of Existing Conifer Plantation, Mechanical Ground Scarification through Disk Trenching and Anchor Chaining, Planting, Budcapping and Plantskydd Application.

To be eligible to operate on St. Louis County Lands a Responsible Operators Application Form and a Certificate of Compliance with Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law must be completed and on file at the St. Louis County Land & Minerals Department, Government Services Building, Room 208, 320 West 2nd Street, Duluth MN, 55802.

The Responsible Operators List is updated annually.  To stay on the Responsible Operators List the Responsible Operators Application Update Form must be filled out each year and returned to the Land & Minerals Department at the above address.

All contractors operating on St. Louis County Tax Forfeit Lands are required to complete a Contractor Pre-Work Session (note you must be able to print the Certificate of Completion).  Upon successful completion of the E-Training, present the Certificate of Completion to the contract administrator. 

All contracts are advertised and conducted through St. Louis County Purchasing.  To receive a bid or quote packet, contact St. Louis County Purchasing at 218-726-2666.

Requests for additional information on Information for Contractors shall be delivered to: Purchasing, 218-726-2665.

Additional information on Technical Specifications shall be delivered to: Kristin Fogard, Forester III, 218-726-2606.

Hand Release and Basal Prune Chemical Site Prep & Release Disk Trenching Anchor Chaining Salmon Blading Budcapping Planting Plantskydd Application
  • The contractor will plant seedling trees of various species, supplied by St. Louis County, on various plantable acres located within the north and south parts of St. Louis County, Minnesota Subcontracting is prohibited without the prior written approval of the Land & Minerals Department
  • St. Louis County anticipates planting a minimum of 1000 acres in a given year
  • Contractor will be required to start each year’s planting on or about April 25th , and complete each year’s planting no later than May 25th . A minimum of one half of the current years planting acreage must be completed by May 15th of each year to avoid penalties
  • The contractor is responsible for loading seedlings daily from various storage facilities in St. Louis County. The contractor is responsible for hauling the seedlings daily to the planting areas designated by the Land & Minerals Department. The contractor is responsible for unloading and distribution of seedlings and gathering up of the seedling bags, seedling wrap, boxes and containers
  • The contractor will return unplanted seedlings to the storage facility, and empty bags, wrap, boxes, and containers to the area designated by the Land & Minerals Department at the end of each day
  • The contractor will provide supervision for their workers and shall provide a non-planting foreman for each site, and for each crew if there is more than one (1) crew on a site
  • The non-planting foreman shall be present on site and be responsible for directing the planters in compliance with the contract's seedling care and planting specifications and area coverage. Crew size shall be a minimum of five planters plus a non-planting foreman
  • After taking possession of seedling trees, the contractor shall plant such trees as quickly as possible. Storage time for such trees shall be as short as possible, especially at planting sites. No more than a one day supply of trees for planting may be removed each day, unless authorized by the Land & Minerals Department.
    Contractor is subject to the terms and conditions of the planting contract


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