Bidding on St. Louis County Projects 

St. Louis County is interested in fostering participation by all qualified business persons offering commodities and services that may be used by the county.  St. Louis County currently posts only formal bid opportunities.  To that end, it is essential that interested business persons become familiar with the county's purchasing policies and procedures  The resources below will serve as a general guide to county bidding opportunities and policies. 

Land & Minerals Department Bids: The Land & Minerals Department periodically offers Forest Development Contracts for a variety of projects. To learn more about becoming eligible to bid on Forest Development Contracts click here. 

Public Works Bids: The Public Works Department conducts a robust road and bridge construction program, and bid opportunities are available frequently, to learn more about bidding on Public Works Road and Bridge projects click here. 

Purchasing Bids:  The Purchasing Division has the responsibility to make the most economical acquisition of quality materials and services that will assure efficient operation of county government. To learn more about bidding for county projects and services click here.