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On November 1, 2011 the St. Louis County Board authorized the Land and Minerals Department to appraise and offer for sale into private ownership all of the county's 278 shoreland leases (County Board Resolution No. 559, November 1, 2011).  The current leaseholder has the first right to purchase the land at market value or to continue the annual lease (not to exceed the lifetime of the leaseholder).  If the current leaseholder does not wish to purchase or continue the lease the land will be sold at public auction, with the value of any improvements paid to the leaseholder.

The Minnesota Legislature has authorized this sale in the 2012 Minnesota Session Laws, Chapter 236, Section 28.

Information Guide

Shoreland Lease Plats

The department is in the preliminary planning stages for the execution of this sale. 

St. Louis County Environmental Services has started septic system inspections. Our Summary of Shoreland Lease Sale is updated as we progress through the process. 

Survey contracts have been awarded, and the starting date of this project was April 1, 2013.  For additional information and a list of the surveyors that will be completing surveys on each lake, please see our Spring, 2013 Shoreland Lease Newsletter.

The preliminary survey work has been completed, which includes all required corner certificates and preliminary plats to be submitted to the County by April 11, 2014.

Appraisal contracts have been awarded, and the starting date of this project was May 1, 2014.  For additional information and a list of appraisers  that will be completing appraisals on each lake, please see our Spring, 2014 Shoreland Lease Newsletter

Appraisals are required to be completed in their entirety and submitted to the County by December 15, 2014. For more information and some frequently asked questions, please see our December 2014 Shoreland Lease Newsletter.

As more information becomes available it will be posted to this page.