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Firewood Sales

Permits will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Individuals wishing to obtain a firewood permit from south St. Louis County lands should monitor the website until a site is advertised for a location which interests them. 

Permit Specifics
  • The cost of each permit is $20.00 and must be in the form of a check or money order made out to the St. Louis County Auditor. Sorry, we do not accept cash
  • Up to 10 cords of wood may be taken per permit
  • The duration of each permit is 4 weeks
  • Households may only have one active permit at any one time

Firewood permits will be sold to the first individual purchasing it from the Pike Lake Office.

Firewood Availability

The number of sites available for firewood permits has decreased in recent years.  This is due to a combination of factors including increased utilization of logging slash from many operators, environmental requirements that a percentage of logging slash remain and be distributed on site, and the downturn in the wood products industry.  As the County will have only a limited number of sites available for firewood in the future and that many logging sites have remote or winter only access, individuals are encouraged to explore other means of obtaining firewood.

Current Firewood Sale Sites 
For a Permit Contact:

St. Louis County Land and Minerals Department, Pike Lake Office
5713 Old Miller Trunk Highway
Duluth MN  55811


Available Firewood



Northeast Grade Firewood Sale
2 Permits Available
Permitee can have 1/2 of the wood on each landing.

The wood is on four landings.

Estimated Volume:

1 = 1 cord popple

2 = 2.5 cord white spruce

3 = 2 cd popple

4 = birch tops – this is the real meat of the permit.  But it is ATV accessible only.  Tops are 3-4 inches at the big end.


View North East Grade Firewood in a larger map

Snowpest Firewood sale

2 permits available.


View Snowpest Firewood Sale in a larger map

 Radio and Three Firewood Sale

2 permits available


View Radio and Three Fire Wood Sale in a larger map

 CK2 Firewood Sale

1 permit available,  very scattered wood.  Look over sale before buying permit. 


View C2K Firewood Sale in a larger map

 Spruce Deuce Firewood Sale

1 permit available, mostly spruce and very little hardwood.  Look over before buying a permit


View Spruce Deuce Firewood Sale in a larger map


Briar Maze Firewood Sale
3 permits are available.
This firewood salvage opportunity is for ATF and trailer or snowmobile and trailer only!  There is no drive in access with a truck.  Sale was harvested with cut-to-length system - salvage from roadside areas highlighted on the map below:


View Briar Maze Firewood Sale in a larger map

 Grassy Pond Firewood Sale

2 Permits available.

Mostly Aspen with some birch and maple.



View Grassy Pond Firewood Sale in a larger map
 Split Rail Firewood Sale

1 permit available

It is birch, maple and some aspen.


View Split Rail Firewood Sale in a larger map
 Hagberg South Firewood Sale

2 permits of ash, birch, maple and aspen limbs and tops.


View Hagberg South Firewood Sale in a larger map