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Balsam Bough Permits

For Harvesting Balsam Boughs on St. Louis County Lands

Harvesting of boughs permitted starting in October after two or more hard frosts have "set" the needles on the branches.  Permits are sold on a first come first serve basis.  Individuals wishing to obtain a balsam bough permit from St. Louis County lands need to apply at the:

Pike Lake Land & Minerals Department office at 5713 Old Miller Trunk Hwy, Duluth MN  (Phone:  218-625-3700)
or the
Virginia Land & Minerals Department office at 7820 Highway #135, Virginia, MN  (Phone: 218-742-9898)

Individuals interested in obtaining a permit must have a specific location identified by legal description (1/4 section, section, township and range), and/or by GPS coordinates at time of purchase.

Permit Specifics