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Obtain Passport Applications and Passport Photographs 

  • Services:  Provide passport application services, renewals of passports, and passport photographs.  Expedited processing, overnight mail, and forms available.

  • Group processing:  We will travel to locations in the Duluth, Proctor, and Hermantown areas to process passport applications and take photographs for groups of ten or more people (group sessions may be scheduled during the day or evening.)

    Q.  Where do I apply for a new passport?
    A. Go to the St. Louis County Auditor’s Service Center in the Miller
          Hill Mall (outdoor entrance behind JC Penny) from 9 A.M.
          to 5:30 P.M. Monday through Friday and from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M.
          on Saturday.  Please come 30 minutes before end of business day.
    Q.  Can you take my passport pictures?
    A.  Yes.

    Q.  How do I renew my passport?
          A.  You can renew your passport book by mail for $110 utilizing Form
          DS-82, or you can come into our office for assistance for an
          additional fee of $25 and we will complete Form DS-11 instead of
          the Form DS-82.    Please use black ink when completing
          application forms.  Forms are available in our office or at
 (click on "renewing"). 

    Q.  How much do new passport books and cards cost?
          A.  Passport books are $80 for applicants under sixteen years of
          age and $110.00 for adults.  Passport cards are $15 for
          applicants under sixteen years of age or $30 for adults. 

    Q.  What should I bring with me to apply?
          A.  Bring a completed passport application.  (Please use black ink).  The
          forms are available at our office or at
 .  Click on "Applications and
          Forms/Application for Passport:  DS-11.

          Bring a certified copy of your birth certificate OR naturalization
          papers OR a previously valid U.S. passport OR a certificate of
          birth abroad to prove your citizenship AND a valid driver's
          license to prove your identity.  Bring a checkbook OR money
          order for payment of filing fees to the State Dept.  Our application
          fee can be paid by check, money order, or cash.

    Q.  Do all my family members have to be present to apply for

          A.  Yes, every applicant needs to be present.

    Q.  All my children don't have driver's licenses so what do I bring
         for their identification?

          A.  Applicants under the age of sixteen should be accompanied by
          both parents who can present their driver's licenses for
          identification.  If only one parent can accompany the child, he/she
          must present a notarized consent form (available at our office or at

          Applicants who are sixteen or seventeen years of age can apply on
          their own if they have a driver's license and are paying with their
          legal parent's check(s).  If the applicant does not have a driver's
          license, one parent must accompany the child and present his/her
          driver's license for identification.

    Q.  When will I get my passport?

          A.  Passports normally take four to six weeks from the time
          applications are received by a U.S. passport office.

    Q.  Can I get my passport in less time?

          A.  Yes, passport services can be expedited for an additional
          $60.00.  Delivery is normally two weeks after the time applications
          are received by a U.S. passport office.  Our office can provide
          Express Mail services for overnight delivery to the processing center at
          a cost of $18.95.  The cost for overnight return of your passport is

    Q.  What is the difference between a passport book and a
          passport card?

          A.  A passport book is more expensive than a card and can be used
          for international travel by land, sea and air.  A passport card can
          only be used for travel by land or sea to Mexico, Canada, Bermuda
          and the Caribbean.

    Hours and Location:

    Auditor Service Center
    Miller Hill Mall
    1600 Miller Trunk Highway, Suite EO3
    Duluth, MN 55811
    Phone: (218) 279-2520
    Fax: (218) 279-2521

    Hours:  Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
                Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. 

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