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Fraud Investigations

The Public Health and Human Services Fraud Prevention Unit is responsible for investigations of alleged public assistance fraud including cash, food support, medical and child care assistance.

When suspected fraudulent activity is reported, an investigation occurs to determine if there has been a program violation. Reports of suspected fraud come from various sources: staff, other counties, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, concerned citizens, etc. 

Fraud may result in a person being disqualified from receiving public assistance benefits, an overpayment, or criminal prosecution through the County Attorney's office.

Contacts: Fraud Prevention unit 218-726-2693 or 800-450-9777 and the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Hotline 651-431-2650 or 800-627-9977.

Fraud Prosecution

Attorneys in the Public Health and Human Service Division regularly advise St. Louis County staff who investigate people suspected of fraudulent receipt of government assistance. Once a referral of a fraud case is received, our attorneys may seek prosecution in court. If a person intentionally gives false information or conceals facts about his or her situation in order to receive or increase public benefits, such as Food Support, Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance, or Child Care, our office may file a complaint or administrative action. This could result in felony level charges, sentencing, restitution, and disqualification from receiving future program benefits.