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Mark your calendars! The Summer 2015 Application will open March 26th!

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What is The Incredible Exchange?
The Incredible Exchange program is designed for youth ages 12-15 to volunteer in the community in exchange for a recreational or cultural activity. Participants volunteer at "exchange sites" such as community centers, nursing homes, and hospitals. Upon completion of the program (25-50 hours), the participant receives an Exchange Certificate redeemable for their activity, as well as the skills learned through their volunteering experiences.

Program History
St. Louis County Commissioner Bill Kron came up with the idea that a program was needed that would increase the number of youth giving of their time in meaningful service to the community and at the same time would get youth more active in pursuing recreational and cultural opportunities. Mr. Kron asked University of Minnesota Extension to develop such a program. Research was utilized and a program was developed. A pilot program began in 1995 with two Volunteer Sites and 13 youth volunteers.  Through 2014 the program has been completed by more than 2800 youth who have contributed over 205,000 volunteer hours to the community!

Thank You to the St. Louis County Commissioners, who are truly investing in youth by making a commitment to fund The Incredible Exchange.

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This is the Incredible Exchange Mailing List, which is designed to keep you updated with our program. Thank you for your interest in The Incredible Exchange!

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Exchange Certificate   

Curious about how our Exchange Certificate works or where you can use your Certificate? This form can answer most of your questions! 

How to Decide Where to Volunteer Every volunteer site has different requirements. Here are a few ideas to help you to decide which site would be the best one for you.
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