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How to Order a Death Certificate


Click here for Tangible Interest Requirements.
(Who has the authority to apply for a certificate?)

Click here for Instructions to amend a Death Certificate with the MN Department of Health.

Please read before ordering a death certificate.

1.    Print out the form (see document library below).

2.    Complete the Death Certificate Application form.

3.    For a "non-certified" Death Certificate, your signature does not require notarization.

3.    Have your signature notarized and mail the completed application form and payment to:  

St. Louis County Recorder’s Office
Attention: Vital Records Division
P.O. Box 157
Duluth, MN 55801-0157

Death Certificate Fee Information
1 Certified Copy - $13.00
1 Non-certified Copy - $13.00
Each additional copy of the same record purchased at the same time - $6.00. 

  • Make your check or money order payable to the St. Louis County Recorder.
  • United States of America Currency only.
  • To expedite your order by fax and pay online see instructions below. 

If you cannot download the application, please call 218-726-2559 or send an email to to request an application. 

Allow 1 – 2 weeks for processing applications including mail delivery time.

To order by fax and pay online: 

  1. Print and complete the application form legibly. Please include your telephone number with area code
  2. Have your signature notarized with a notary seal that can be read by fax or a scanned image. 
  3. St. Louis County offers credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover) through Official Payments Corporation. You will be charged a service fee for the use of this service. Please use the date of death as the transaction number so that we can process the order quickly. When you know the amount, go to the Official Payments Corporation web site. Next, click on “Local Payments”. Then, choose the State of “Minnesota”, payment entity of “St. Louis County”, and payment type “death record”. Follow the remaining steps as prompted. Print the confirmation of payment. 

 Located at:  

  1. Fax the completed notarized Death Application form and Official Payments Confirmation to 218-725-5052 or email the forms to .