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Burial Assistance

In recognition of Minnesota Statutes 261.035, St. Louis County will provide county burials for residents of the county who are otherwise unable to pay the costs of a funeral and disposition of their remains.

Application for a county burial can be made by a relative or friend of the deceased, or a funeral home director. Applications must be made prior to the funeral arrangement agreement being completed unless weekends, holidays, or extraordinary circumstances prevent a timely application. The application for a county burial must be made with a financial worker.

Resources owned by the deceased or a responsible relative (parent or spouse) at the time of death, or within 30 days prior to death, are considered available to help defray the costs. This includes bank accounts, life insurance benefits, trust accounts, vehicles, real estate, and any death benefits to which the deceased and/or responsible relative are entitled (includes veterans’ benefits, Social Security Death Benefit, joint bank accounts, nursing home trust fund, and/or social welfare fund). One home and one vehicle are excluded if owned by a responsible relative (parent or spouse).

If available resources are $1470 or less, a county burial will be approved. If resources are greater than $1470 the application will be denied. Any assets less than $1470 will be deducted from the county’s contribution.

The county burial policy does not allow for any other enhancements to the funeral, such as flowers, more costly casket, etc. The rule states that if family members make substitutions which bring the cost of the funeral above the allowed maximum, then they will be obligated to pay for the entire cost of the funeral.

Unless it is contrary to the religious beliefs or expressed wishes of the deceased, the method of disposition will be by cremation.

Contact: Call for information or visit the nearest office for an application to determine if you are eligible. Duluth: 218-726-2101; Virginia: 218-749-7137; Hibbing: 218-262-6000; Ely: 218-365-8220 or call toll free 800-450-9777 or email St Louis County is an equal opportunity provider.