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Community Health Promotion

Current health promotion efforts are dominated by the Statewide Health Improvement Program or SHIP.  Coalition efforts are concentrated in Duluth, Hibbing and Virginia.  But, additional activity occurs where ever there is a hospital or post-secondary educational institution.  SHIP leads community efforts to change policies, systems or environments that will create conditions to allow for healthier living.  Current projects include:  1) Making each post-secondary campus tobacco-free, while providing tobacco cessation opportunities.  2) Moving all regional hospitals in the direction of being more baby-friendly, while promoting breastfeeding as the centerpiece action.  3) Promoting healthy workplaces by assisting 15-20 businesses in launching or revitalizing workplace wellness programming.  4) Working in nine school districts to improve nutrition, both in and out of the cafeteria.  5) Lastly, working with nine communities to create conditions that encourage and support active living.

When conditions exist that makes behavior changes easy, people do respond.  New policies, new systems and new environmental changes that are accomplished under the Statewide Health Improvement Program will help all citizens to be more physically active, eat more nutritiously and quit or avoid tobacco use.  

Northeast Minnesota Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP)

Begun in July, 2009, this statewide program is a portion of the health reform legislation to address rising health care costs and lower the incidence of tobacco use and obesity.  The seven counties in NE MN joined together in an effort to get schools to provide more nutrition foods, to get communities to be more physically active as a matter of daily living and to get post-secondary education to offer tobacco cessation services, while creating a climate that inhibits tobacco use. Learn more about SHIP...

Bridge to Health Survey

The Bridge to Health Survey began as a collaborative effort of health-related organizations in 1994.  In 1995, the first survey was completed and the results distributed. The survey has been repeated every five years since, obtaining local data, which is unavailable by any other means.  For 20 years, the survey has helped to understand the health status of the region, to plan better programs and to obtain funding. Learn more about the Bridge to Health survey... 

Eliminating Health Inequities

Inequities exist in most societies. It shows up dramatically in the health status of various population groups. Many conditions, policies and programs serve to maintain or widen the gap between rich and poor. One of two national health goals is to eliminate health disparities. To do that public health is being asked to step out of its normal role, to active work in communities to narrow the gap. Visit the Unnatural Causes website for more information.  

Disaster Preparedness

In northeastern Minnesota, we've built a coalition of 7 county public health departments (Aitkin, Carlton, Cook, Itasca, Koochiching, Lake and St. Louis) and 3 tribal health agencies (Fond du Lac, Bois Forte, and Grand Portage) to prepare for specifically for public health emergencies. We work closely with other coalitions including all 16 hospitals, clinics, mental health providers, pharmacists, local & regional emergency managers, local & regional law enforcement, regional EMS & First Responders, volunteer organizations and community fire departments. Visit the CodeReady website for more information.